Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

With the myriad of evaporative coolers in the market. it is not a surprise that evaporative cooler prices vary greatly between brands. In fact. the price of these coolers may range from between $100 to $300 for indoor evaporative coolers. and between $1000 and $2000 for outdoor units.
Prices of economical evaporative coolers

Economical evaporative coolers are primarily small. portable and built with varying shapes and sizes. This can be attributed to the fact that there are also many types of indoor evaporative coolers. each with its own benefits and features. For instance. the portable evaporative cooler by Whirlwind with a $159.99 price tag boasts of additional ionic air purifying and an oxygen bar that circulates fresh air into the room.

A moderately priced evaporative cooler is the Convair Arctic Breeze Evaporative Cooler unit which is priced at $249.95 has a capacity to hold 5 gallons of water. Additionally. this unit functions not only to cool the air during hot summer months. but also to humidify the dryness of winter.
One of the more expensive evaporative cooler models is the 2000 CFM Swamp Air Cooler. Priced at $389. this evaporative cooler utilizes a blower wheel to deliver high blowing strength. and does not require much installation work to get it up and running. What’s more. the coverage range of up to 700 square feet in addition to a garden hose connection makes this evaporative cooler truly worth its price.

Prices of high powered evaporative coolers mccoy cooler
High powered evaporative coolers are usually powerful units built with blowers that are capable of blowing to longer distances over a large area. Additional features include a larger water tank and also greater air velocities. One such evaporative cooler is the Schaefer Evaporative Cooler priced at $1400 each. This unit comes with 4 cooling pads and a 110 degree blower capable of blowing over long distances.

Another evaporative cooler is the Schaefer Ventilation Prokool Evaporative Swamp Cooler priced at $2499. This unit which requires only a 1 horse power motor is capable of lower room temperature of up to 20 Fahrenheit. and is equipped with a reservoir capable of holding 40 gallons of water. Finally. the Breezair range of evaporative coolers utilizes cellulose pads. lightweight plastic fans and durable polymer plastic not susceptible to rusting or corrosion.
It is a fact that the price range of evaporative coolers vary greatly depending on the capacity of the different types of coolers. Thus. determining factors such as budget and requirements should be used in order to make the right purchase decisio

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